Cynthia Schenkers

Administrative assistant

T 020 441 47 07

  • Supports contract management and finance administration

Cynthia is part of the administrative team within Babbage Company. She supports Sheralyn & Roos in both contract management and finance. Cynthianow has more than 15 years of work experience as an administrative assistant in various branches. As a result, she knows that transparency and good communication are important. She finds satisfaction in providing support where its is needed. When at the end of the day she can say that everything she planned has been achieved, Cynthia ends her working day with a good feeling.

Cynthia is caring, organized, patient and loves to socialize. She likes to spend her free time with her family, relatives and friends. Trips, parties and cozy eating, drinking and playing games at home. She also likes to hang out on the couch at home with the kids and watch a good movie or series. And you can always wake her up for an ice bowl of ice cream!


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