Roos van Sparrentak

Recruitment Assistant

T 020-4414707
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  • Supports the Recruitment & Selection team
  • Constantly looking for the right people for our vacancies.

Robin is part of the Recruitment & Selection team within Babbage Company. His challenge lies in finding the right professionals for the available permanent vacancies. As a Recruitment Assistant he supports the W&S team. Robin knows how to approach the right professionals through his good people skills. Due to his broad interests, he is approachable and can have a chat with many diverse professionals on many topics. With a background in business, Robin takes the step to enter the world of recruitment.

Robin is passionate and is 100% committed to the things he does. He likes sports and likes to go to warm places on his vacations. But a good winter sports holiday also makes him happy! As a real Frisian he is a water fanatic: in his spare time he likes to go out on the water for a bit of sailing.

In addition to his serious side, Robin is also always looking for fun. After a long day at the office, he always likes to have a beer in his favorite pub 'De Heuvel' in the center of Amsterdam.

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