Jelmer Ouwerkerk

Recruitment Consultant

T 020 441 47 07
M 06 18 19 43 14

  • Professional Matchmaker

At Babbage Company, Jelmer mainly focuses on interim projects. He works hard to broaden the horizons of Babbage Company. As a graduate of the Toronto Film School, Jelmer has a unique eye for marketing and sales. Jelmer has worked in the hospitality industry and therefore likes to pay extra attention to hospitality and details. He likes to take an extra step for his network, candidates and clients to find the perfect match.

When Jelmer is not working, you prefer to find him outside in the woods or he likes to climb, boulder and hike in the mountains. In his spare time he also likes to sit in parks or by the water. When the weather is bad, he likes to work with wood. This is how he prefers to make his own furniture!

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