Carina Snaas

Managing Consultant / Partner

T 06 30 14 92 86
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  • Plays a leading role in interim contracts and is resposible for day-to-day operations;
  • Point of contact for our business partners in respect of interim deployments, and account and contract management.

Carina has been active as a professional in the world of recruitment and interim management for almost 20 years. She has acquired years of experience as a corporate recruiter, as the manager of a team of recruiters, and as an intermediary for interim professionals. She i sa competent, motivated and committed discussion partner and is very capable of relating to any question ou rclients may put. Quality and constumer focus are of paramount importance to Carina. She has been strengthening Babbage Company's team since 2011, initially as a Senior Consultant and now as a Managing Partner.

In her free time, she enjoys making trips with her family and is an active volleyball and tennis player, who also enjoys fitness training. Carina likes to devour tense thrillers and detective novels in any remaining free time she might have! 

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