Monique van Vliet

Managing consultant / partner

T 06 49 33 34 69
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  • Leading role in maintaining and extending the network;
  • Point of contact for senior professionals and Babbage Internationals

Among Monique's responsibilities as Managing Consultant/Partner are business development, executive search and recruitment & selection. She is also active as field/account manager for Babbage Company's preferred supliers and as the point of contact for senior and international marketing and communications professionals looking to take the next step in their carreer.

Following an lengthy career in communications, Monique made the switch to recruitment. She has acquired broad communications and management experience in both the business world and the non-profit sector. As a discussion partner for boards and managements, Monique quickly grasps organisational challenges and developments in order to fill specialist positions and build entire teams in close collaboration with management. 

Monique has a sharp eye for competencies and the personality type certain positions depands. She is motivated by her love of the profession, complemented by personal commitment and a considerable dose of curiosity! Monique is active within the network, for example at Logeion, and is easily mesmerised by all forms of narrative (e.g. films, plays, opera and literature). You will often find her outdoors, preferably in the woods or garden, and she is a fan of art, museums, design and Italy. In other words, an enthusiast for La Dolce Vita!

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