Roos Suring

Contract & Finance Manager

T 020 441 47 07

  • Within Babbage Company, Roos is responsible for Contract Management and financial administration

Roos is the point of contact within Babbage Company for all financial and contract matters. Before Roos started working for us, she held various positions within different agencies. One of the important milestones in her career is that she started as 'second man' of a direct marketing agency in Haarlem which quickly grew into one of the largest DM agencies in the Netherlands. She founded her own agency in 2001 and made her services available as Office Manager, Account Manager, Traffic Manager and Financial Administrator. In short, she's a 'centipede'.

Roos has a great passion for salsa and once had his own dance school. Now she only gives private lessons. Her motto: go through life dancing!

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