Are you looking for flexibility and variation and does project-based work appeal to you? Does carrying out a range of marketing, communications and/or online projects (including digital projects) without having to register as a self-employed worker sound interesting to you? For all of our interim projects, it is possible to be deployed on a secondment basis as a Babbage Project Professional.

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Anouk de Wit
Anouk de Wit

Working as a Babbage Project Professional

Would you enjoy the constant challange of resolving long-standing and emerging social issues both creatively and innovatively? As a Babbage Project Professional with a permanent position at Babbage Company, you will be given the opportunity to gain varied work experience from a range of clients, primarily within government (and the Dutch central government, Rijksoverheid, in particular). The advantage of being seconded as a Babbage Project Professional is that you combine the stability of a permanent job with the variation of working on projects. You will be the first to be informed of any new contracts and will not have to approach anyone yourself. You will be part of the Babbage team, and as such will be invited to our drinks, receptions and meetings.

Would you like to find out more? Visit the Public Communications Adviser vacancy here to find out more about working for the government (central or otherwise) as a Babbage Project Professional. 

Project Secondment

As a Babbage Company Project Employee, it is also possible to work on interesting projects at various clients across our broad network. In Project Secondment, you become our employee for the duration of a given project. We ensure a monthly salary in conformity with the market, as well as a travel allowance and - where applicable - pension accrual. You do not need to worry about registration with the Chamber of Commerce, taxes or insurance. Once the project has reached its conclusion, we will gladly discuss your further project or career options.

Coaching and guidance

As a Babbage Project Professional, you will receive guidance from our team. You will first be allocated a designated contact within our team, who will be the account manager for the client in question. This is one of our consultants or recruiters. You will have regular contact with him/her regarding the progress and content of your project. In addition, our HR Adviser Sheralyn Bacas will be an important contact person. We will also attend to you further development as a professional. You will receive your own training budget and we will organise, among other things, peer review meetings, in order to foster a healthy exchange of ideas between you and your colleagues. Lastly, you will be invited to all of Babbage Academy's workshops and master classes, which you may attend free-of-charge. This enables you to keep your knowledge up-to-date. You can also register with the Babbage Project Professionals Community in order to be the first to know about new projects.

The advantages of secondment

Babbage Company...

  • understands and knows the marketing, communication and online market like no other;
  • has a extensive network of clients in almost every sector;
  • is, as a consequence, capable of switching gear quickly and arranging the right match;
  • is a committed discussion partner before, during and after the recruitment process;
  • has a keen eye for your competences, passions and ambitions;
  • can provide you with advise on your potential career paths or portfolio composition;
  • offers you (refresher) courses through the Babbage Academy;
  • assists you in your professional development through training and coaching.
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